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    Fixomull Skin Sensitive 5 Cmx5 M 1 Int
    Special Price $23.72 Regular Price $29.65
  2. properties/ images/22001060.jpg?1560305722
    Fixomull Skin Sensitive 10 Cmx5 M 1 Int
    Special Price $41.10 Regular Price $51.37
  3. properties/ images/22001065.jpg?1560305722
    Fixomull Skin Sensitive 15 Cmx5 M 1 Int
    Special Price $62.22 Regular Price $77.77
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    Careline Leg Bag 750ml 9 Cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  5. properties/ images/15320170.jpg?1549416137
    I D Pants Plus X Small 50 70 Cm 1300ml
    Special Price $23.24 Regular Price $29.05
  6. properties/ images/12240256.jpg?1594619305
    Careline Leg Bag 500ml
    Special Price $5.12 Regular Price $6.40
  7. properties/ images/12240605.jpg?1549255402
    Careline Leg Bag 500ml 29cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  8. properties/ images/12240261.jpg?1575351097
    Careline Leg Bag 750ml 10cm Tube
    Special Price $5.12 Regular Price $6.40
  9. properties/ images/22003500.jpg?1613688786
    Inadine Pvp I Dressing 5cmx5cm
    Special Price $1.98 Regular Price $2.48
  10. properties/ images/22003510.jpg?1549600915
    Inadine Pvp I Dressing 9.5cmx9.5cm
    Special Price $3.12 Regular Price $3.91
  11. properties/ images/12240615.jpg?1594619311
    Careline Leg Bag 750ml 29cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  12. Careline Leg Bag 500ml 30cm Tube
    Careline Leg Bag 500ml 30cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  13. properties/ images/12240021.jpg?1549255375
    Careline Leg Bag 750ml 29cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  14. Careline Leg Bag 750ml 8.5cm Tube
    Careline Leg Bag 750ml 8.5cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  15. properties/ images/12240001.jpg?1592870697a
    Careline Leg Bag 500ml 6cm Tube
    Special Price $5.44 Regular Price $6.80
  16. properties/ images/24121160.jpg?1595550678
    Tena Shampoo And Shower 500ml Green
    Special Price $7.92 Regular Price $13.20
  17. properties/ images/15320426.jpg?1591832903
    I D Comfy Junior Pants 24 47 Kg 8 15 Yrs
    Special Price $12.92 Regular Price $16.15
  18. properties/ images/15320421.jpg?1588745177
    I D Comfy Junior Pants 17 27 Kg 4 7 Yrs
    Special Price $11.64 Regular Price $14.55
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Convatec works together with Careline and Unomedical for all your incontinence needs. For your catheter solutions Unomedical provides reliable, comfortable, and acute long term urinary drainage.

Careline incontinence products provides users the style and choice of leg bags to suit your lifestyle and ability with security of 100% latex free solution to help support uti symptoms.

Shop the complete Convatec range with independence Australia to receive a discount of 20%

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