Are you NDIS ready when it comes to your continence care and catheters?


The impact of incontinence on an individual can be devastating in terms of a person’s ability to participate in many life areas, including the confidence to gain employment, or increased social isolation due to the stigma of being incontinent in public. Some people have said “If I had the choice to walk again or get back the use of my bowel and bladder, I would rather have the use of my bowel and bladder and use a wheelchair the rest of my life and never walk again”.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has shifted the reimbursement landscape, providing an opportunity for disabled people with continence issues to access the products they need so that they can live an inclusive and fulfilling life with minimal interference from their disability and the issues related to it.

Currently there are a number of existing state and federal based funding models whereby people with a disability can access funding for incontinence such as CAPs, SWEP and ENABLE. As this will cease when people transition into the NDIS, moving into the NDIS is your opportunity to re-visit what will help you best manage your continence needs.

Coloplast recently conducted an NDIS participant survey and found that unless continence is actively raised by the participant or the planner it may completely missed all together.

  • In fact, 25% of survey participants did not have continence raised at all during their planning meeting
  • People said: “I didn’t even know I could have included continence products on the plan” and “I would have appreciated more information about the different products available before my planning meeting”
  • Furthermore, the survey found that 40% of participants would like to make changes to their continence funding in their next NDIS meeting

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