Supporting the changing needs from child to young adult 

Back in 2014, Lisa enquired about her 8-year-old daughter who had a disability and had always worn nappies. However, her daughter was growing out of the largest nappies available from the supermarket and needed to find an alternative.

Fortunately, she found that the Abri-Form Junior filled the gap between younger children’s nappies and an adult product.

 Fast forward to 2017 and Lisa says the Abri-Form Junior is still meeting her daughter’s needs. In particular, the smaller leg cut, narrower core and leakage barriers ensure maximum protection and lock fluid inside the pad. She finds that her daughter’s skin condition is maintained as the Abri-Form Junior is 100% breathable. Another benefit are the wetness indicators which easily identify when changing is required as well as the re-fastenable flexible tapes which provide variable fit for growing children.

Abri-Form Junior