7 products to help children with incontinence to live normal, active lives

When statistics show 1 in 5 children suffer from day wetting or bed wetting it’s clear the impact of incontinence is significant. Continence issues can negatively impact children and parents’, including creating health (skin, sleep), social, financial and emotional difficulties.

Here are 7 products designed to alleviate some of these stresses:

Washable Briefs

1. SOSecure Swim Containment Briefs - From $46.75

sosecure swim pants sosecure swim pants 2

Love swimming, but scared of having an accident? SOSecure Swim Containment Briefs are designed for children and adults dealing with bowel incontinence. They are ultra discreet and virtually undetectable under swimmers. Plus their unique design and fabric means they’re both secure and dependable. The briefs are unisex and are available in different sizes.

Click here for a sizing chart and instructions.

2. Conni Kids Tackers – From $19.15

Conni Kids TackersConni Kids Tackers 2

Unisex “pull-up” training pants, for easy management. Absorbent and waterproof, they are available in different colours and constructed from snug fitting cotton elastane. The slimline pad is designed for light incontinence (150mL). These undies are designed for the 'little' accidents and may be useful during day time toilet training. Available in brief or sport styles.

Skin Care

3. Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream – From $0.88

Cavilon barrier cream

Incontinence can lead to some very uncomfortable side effects, like incontinence dermatitis (nappy rash), maceration and bacterial infections. Cavilon is a barrier cream that delivers long-lasting protection from bodily fluids while moisturising the skin. The unique formula provides a breathable barrier to promote skin health in patients at risk for skin damage from incontinence. Unlike many barrier products, Cavilon Durable Barrier Cream is both durable and concentrated, so you’ll use less per application than typical creams and ointments. To be used alongside a good hygiene routine.

4. MediQuip Cleansing Wipes - $3.30

MediQuip Cleansing Wipes

Great for on the go! MediQuip Cleansing Wipes are a gentle and convenient alternative to soap and water. They can be used for incontinence, general cleaning, bed bathing and after eating. In addition to being hypoallergenic, the wipes are alcohol-free, so they’re gentle on skin.

Disposable Pull-ups and Nappies

5. DryNites Pyjama Pants - $16.25


These pull-up pyjama pants give children and adolescents extra protection at night. DryNites are comfortable, discreet and absorbent, so they feel more like underwear. They also feature pant graphics that look like regular underwear and disappear under clothing and guards for protection against leakage. Available in different sizes and absorbencies.

Bedding Protection

6. Cello Bed Protector Bluey – Disposable - $0.20

Cello bed protector bluey

Protect your mattress from small accidents with disposable bed protectors. The Cello Bed Protector Bluey is a highly absorbent, cost-effective and waterproof bed pad or mattress protector that’s also suitable for chairs. 40cm x 60cm.

7. Conni Mate Bed Pads – Washable - $31.01

Conni Mate

Sleep soundly and protect your mattress and bedding with Conni Mate’s comfortable stay-dry top layer, slim absorbent core and breathable waterproof backing. Conni bedpads are suitable for helping to manage incontinence and bedwetting. Can be used on any size mattress (85cm x 95cm) and absorbencies vary from 1000 to 2000mL.

Independence Australia stocks thousands of continence and skin care products to help people live more independent and enjoyable lives. To find out what other products are available, contact our customer service team on 1300 788 855 or our Urology and Continence Nurse Advisor.