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Atrauman is a non-medicated tulle dressing which consists of a water repellent polyester tulle impregnated with neutral oil (fatty acids) without paraffin. Atrauman is conformable, non-adherent and permeable to wound exudate. The ingredients have been developed to avoid skin irritation or sensitisation and designed specifically for atraumatic wound care. Atrauman has many characteristics that make it an ideal dressing choice for patients in a number of clinical scenarios, including pain free removal; promotion of healthy granulation tissue; cost effectiveness and versatility. Atrauman has also been proven to be a useful dressing when managing scar formation for adults and children, avoiding scar formation and allowing the practitioner to apply a dressing that is appropriate in the short, medium and longer term. When you buy medical supplies and personal healthcare products from Independence Australia, you help to enhance the lives of people living with a disability or personal need. Shop online now for free, fast delivery for purchases over $50.


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