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Biopatch provides a wide range of antimicrobial dressings which can be used to hold the patient's catheters, picc lines, mid lines, external fixator pins, and implanted venous ports in place, while helping to prevent infection. Through its proprietary delivery technology, Biopatch provides proven sustained antimicrobial action over 7 days. Continuous release of CHG (chlorhexidine gluconate) provides 360° protection around the insertion site for 7 days – for ongoing antisepsis between dressing changes. Our Biopatch range is made of a unique tacky silicone coated open-knit cellulose fabric with a double-coiled tubular bandage that is specifically designed for dressing fingers and toes. When you buy medical supplies and personal healthcare products from Independence Australia, you help to enhance the lives of people living with a disability or personal need. Shop online now for free, fast delivery for purchases over $50.


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