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Cello products are highly absorbent, featuring waterproof bed pads or mattress protectors suitable for chair or bed protection. Cello bed protectors feature soft fabric to increase comfort while maintaining strength. The absorbent core is constructed from virgin fluff fibres to ensure fast absorbency and comfort, and the soft waterproof backing is designed to be silent and minimise movement when in use, making an excellent baby change mat. Cello products also offer disposable incontinence pads with soft non-woven outer layers made of pure cellulose fibre. These anatomically-shaped incontinence booster pads hug the lines of the body providing additional comfort and security, and are designed to increase the absorbency of continence aids, especially overnight. When you buy medical supplies and personal healthcare products from Independence Australia, you help to enhance the lives of people living with a disability or personal need. Shop online now for free, fast delivery for purchases over $50.


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