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Euron offers a wide range of high quality disposable products for the management of incontinence. Euron pads provide a complete range of types and absorbencies to manage light to very heavy incontinence in adults. All Euron products are designed to meet the needs of our users and feature some of the best technologies and designs currently available. For example, the unique Euron Form Cotton Feel back sheet provides a more comfortable and discrete product. This combined with excellent absorbencies will help to maintain your confidence and dignity. Euron Flex on the other hand, feature shaped pads that are suitable for use with a wide range of types and levels of incontinence. Euron Flex shaped pads feature a white textile back sheet with double wetness indicator, anti-leak cuffs to minimise the risk of side leakage and a multi-layer absorption core incorporating super absorbent powder (SAP) designed for fast absorption and dryness.


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