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Precise products offers a wide range of health and well ness products that are highly beneficial to people. One of the leading products Precise is known for is their Thick-n Instant which is considered to be the World’s Leading Thickening Solution. This innovative liquid thickener concentrate is used to thicken beverages and food for patients / residents with dysphagia. Another health product it features include Thick-n Ready Cups. These refreshing drinks come in ergonomically designed cups for ease of grip providing “must have” convenience. Flavours are available in the three recognised viscosities – mildly, moderately and extremely thick – with colour coded labels. There’s nothing to prepare, just peel and serve. With a variety of rich flavours such as water, Citrus, Lime, Raspberry, Diet Lemon and Diet Raspberry, Each flavour is available in the three Australian Standards recognised viscosities (Mildly, Moderately and Extremely Thick) and the peel top lids are colour coded to the Australian Standards for Texture Modified Foods and Fluids.


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