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Thermo Fisher Scientific offers extensive range of scientific, healthcare, environmental and industrial process products to provide tailored solutions for each and every customer. Their dedication leads to innovative technologies that help our customers address some of society's most pressing challenges, including treatment of disease, access to clean water and ensuring the safety of our communities. Some of their products include gloves and mask oxygen with tubing. Gloves can protect health care worker’s hands from exposure to infectious agents. As part of standard precautions, they are used to prevent contamination of health care workers’ hands when anticipating direct contact with blood or other body substances, mucous membranes, non-intact skin and other potentially infectious material. Check out more of Thermo Fisher Scientific products only here at Independence Australia because when you buy medical supplies and personal healthcare products from Independence Australia, you help to enhance the lives of people living with a disability or personal need. Shop online now for free, fast delivery for purchases over $50.



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