Anal Plugs

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If you suffer from bowel leakage or you have to rush to the toilet to prevent a bowel incident, then anal plugs could be a suitable product for you. Anal plugs are foam, cup-shaped devices that are inserted into the rectum in order to prevent bowel leakage. They are made from medical grade foam that is slightly absorbent but can allow air to pass through. They should be removed in order to pass stool and should not remain in place for more than 12 hours. Anal plugs are more suitable for people who want to stop short-term leakage for activities like exercise, after an enema or rectal irrigation. They are also suitable if your leakage is associated with conditions like rectal sphincter damage or spina bifida. It is recommended that you consult a medical professional for advice. Independence Australia’s range of anal plugs provide simple, safe and discreet aid for incontinence. Feel supported and in control with our range of anal plugs online.