All in One

Unsure which product is right for you? Click here to read our ‘What’s the right continence pad for me’ article to find out the best product for you. Alternatively our urology and continence nurse advisor is available Monday to Friday to help. Click here for more information.

Our all-in-one range is designed for maximum capacity performance, best suited for moderate to heavy urinary incontinence (810mL to 2800mL). All-in-one (nappy style) pads are the traditional nappy style pads with adhesive tabs. These are designed for maximum security. Extra thick and absorbent, this range of all in one adult diapers are suited for overnight use, or for people who are bed bound with moderate to heavy cases of incontinence. Moderate or severe incontinence can be difficult to manage with standard protection, so our range of all in one disposable adult diapers are made to give you the coverage you need. With comfortable and discreet design, this range has anti-leak barriers, elastic waists and more great design elements to give you the support you need. Browse the range of all in one adult diapers in varying sizes and capacities online at Independence Australia.

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