11 Great Products to Help You Live More Independently

Whether you are living with a disability or are just not as mobile as you used to be, maintaining an independent and active life is very important. Here are some of our most popular products designed to make your life easier around the home.


1. Lotion Applicator - $12.60

Moisturise, wash or massage, it's up to you. With the Vitility lotion applicator you can easily rub your body with lotion, or wash with shower gel. Just fill the applicator head with lotion or shower gel and it’s ready to go.

  • 19 rotating balls to massage your muscles while the lotion is spread over your body
  • An extended handle to help you reach difficult places on your body
  • Removable handle so your arms and legs can be massaged with more strength, without getting your hands greasy
  • Suitable for anyone with limited arm or shoulder function

2. No Water Shampoo - $8.50

Wash your hair without water! Vitility No Water Shampoo can be used daily to freshen your hair or to make it clean and free of odours.

A great idea for:

  • People with limited mobility and who are unable to shower / bathe regularly
  • Bedridden patients
  • People on vacation where there is no water available
  • Children or adults who are afraid of water

3.Cast & Bandage Protectors For Showering - $17.66 - $25.25

Protect your bandages while showering with Vitility Cast Bandage Protectors

  • Available in different sizes / for protecting different limbs.
  • Keeps casts and bandages dry while showering
  • Elastic fastening creates water-tight seal
  • Can be put on and taken off alone
  • Designed for re-useability


4. Shoe Horn - $8.80

Put your shoes on or off without bending.

The length of the Vitility extended shoehorn means you don't have to bend to put shoes on or off. Simply put the shoehorn between your heel and foot and use it to guide your foot out or into the shoe.

5. Zipper Pull Ring Vitility - $7.54

Pull a zipper up or down.

The Vitility zipper pull ring fits any zipper and helps anyone with poor gripping ability to pull zippers more easily with a larger grip.

Kitchen / Eating & Drinking

6. Bib Navara - $31.57

Make less of a mess on your clothes at meal times.

The Vitility bib is extra long to help protect your clothes and keep them clean while you're eating.

And if the bib does get dirty, it is washing machine safe to 95 degrees Celsius.

7. Handsteady Cup Drinking Aid - $39.95

The handSteady cup has helped many people in over 35 countries to restore their ability to drink with independence, dignity, confidence and joy.

  • Increase comfort in your fingers, wrist and neck when drinking
  • Rotable cup handle to stop spills and hold your cup steady despite tremor and reduced balance
  • Tilts by pivoting. Get more control over the liquid flow by holding the cup by the handle close to your mouth, then pivoting it with your mouth, thumb, or other hand
  • Keeps drinks hot and in your cup with a hidden lid
  • Suitable for people with Parkinsons or other health conditions which limits dexterity and reduces balance.

8. Lid Opener Multi - $6.27

It opens lids in all sizes!

The Vitility non-slip opener is suitable for anyone with decreased hand dexterity. This flexible but firm rubber opener is comfortable to use and will help you open lids without using much strength.

9. Tube Squeezer Vitility - $7.54

Get every last bit out of a tube.

The Vitility tube squeezer empties a tube with very little strength and reduces waste. Just place the slot of the squeezer around the end of a tube and slide it forward to release the content as you need it. With this aid you won't need to squeeze a tube anymore.

Great for toothpaste, lotion, glue, gel and much more.

Household Aids

10. Reacher Handi 76 - $17.66

Grab or hold an object that's out of reach.

The Vitility reacher helps you pick up objects from the floor or from a high cupboard without bending or stretching. Only a little strength is necessary to pick up an object. By pressing the handle, the reacher closes and clamps around the object. With the magnetic tip you can pick up little metal objects. It is also suitable for picking up light weight objects including remotes, tins, bottles and newspaper.

Ideal for anyone experiencing difficulties with grabbing and holding objects because of weight issues, joint problems or back pain.

Exercise and Rehabiltation

11. Leg Lifter Ez - $21.45

Lift a leg or foot when you need to.

The Vitility leg lifter helps anyone with limited lower extremity strength to lift a leg or foot onto a wheelchair foot rest, bed or into a car. The lifter has a loop at each end. One loop is placed around your wrist and the other loop is placed around your foot or cast.

Independence Australia stocks hundreds of daily living aid products to help people live more independent and enjoyable lives. To find out what other products are available, contact our customer service team on 1300 788 855.