Providing faster absorption for better comfort

Maintaining healthy skin is essential for patients with incontinence, as they are more susceptible to skin conditions. Continued exposure to urine and faeces can cause redness, soreness and irritation. The best way to achieve healthy skin is prevention, through monitoring fluid intake, preventing pressure injuries, correctly applying continence products and most importantly, keeping the skin dry. 

TENA’s InstaDRY™ technology is the brand’s latest innovation, used to create their fastest absorbing incontinence products. A benefit to both carers and wearers, the technology provides significant comfort and substantially reduces the rate of leakage.

The InstaDRY zone towards the front of both TENA Extra Plus and TENA Maxi pads funnels and absorbs liquid quickly away from the skin and is dry to touch in just seconds. The discreet, smaller size of the Extra-Plus pads and the Dry Fast Core™ of the Maxi pads also improve comfort for the wearer.

“As a global brand, we gather feedback from around the world, then research and test innovations to ensure we are offering the best possible products to our customers,” explains David Higgins, General Manager National Sales B2B, Asaleo Care.

For prescribers, it’s important to know that recommended products are also readily available and easy to use. The front of the pads are clearly identifiable with a purple notch to ensure correct positioning for maximum absorption.


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