Design breakthrough for wearers and carers

A common requirement for people living with continence issues is a product that is simple to change. While there have been significant improvements to the form and function of continence products, the modern and unique design of TENA Flex delivers significant improvements in changing, skin integrity, odour control and leakage.

Benefits for wearers 

    • Easy application with the unique belted design and absence of excess bulk around the hips
    • Improved skin integrity due to FeelDry technology to quickly draw urine away from the skin and material that allows the skin to breathe
    • Comfortable to wear with double leg cuff elastics for maximum comfort and protection against leakage

Benefits for carers 

      • Minimises lifting during changing, which has proven to reduce the risk of back strain*
      • Makes changes less intrusive thanks to the belted design
      • The easy belt and tabs make it easy to toilet where possible

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*Ergonomics in Hygiene Products – The influence of pad design on caregiver back load. The Department of Industrial Ergonomica at Linkoping University of Technology, Sweden