Fragile, elderly skin deserves special care

The skin is a vital organ that serves to protect us from injury and infection. Therefore, it is very important to understand several risk factors in order to maintain healthy skin and the changes that take place as we age. 


As we age, our skin is at particular risk as it: 

        1. Heals slowly and is prone to friction and shearing
        2. Can be susceptible to degradation causing irritation, itching, infection or pain
        3. Is sensitive to excessive moisture and prolonged contact with urine and faeces

Soap and water are no longer best practice

Modern skincare and cleansing has emerged as best practice for ageing skin over the past decades and has replaced traditional soap and water cleansing. 

Frequent cleansing with soap and water can distrupt the skin's intergrity, reducing its ability to prevent infection. This is because soap contains surfactants that can cause irritation if left on the skin, even after rinsing. 

Prevention is key

With the correct management, many of these issues can be prevented or minimised. A good hygiene routine that can help fragile elderly skin, can help prevent skin irritation or infection and minimise skin breakdown.

TENA has a skincare range developed specifically for aging skin: 

        1. TENA Wash Cream can replace soap and water. A gentle cleanser, that cleans, helps restore moisture and leaves a protective barrier on delicate skin. 
        2. TENA Skin Lotion is a mild moisturiser for dry and sensitive skin that hydrates the skin. 
        3. TENA Barrier Cream is a water repellent cream to protect fragile skin that is free from fragrance and contains soothing oils. 

Blue tena gentle body wash

pink bottle of tena skin lotion

 orange bottle of Tena barrier cream


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