Faster absorption equals better comfort

When facing the challenges that can come with older age, illness or disability, the last thing one needs is extra discomfort. Which is why brands like TENA are focused on continually improving the performance of their products.

The latest innovation from TENA is InstaDRY™ technology, which is used to create their fastest absorbing incontinence products ever. A benefit to both carers and wearers as comfort is increased significantly and the rate of leakage is substantially reduced, for those with moderate to heavy bladder weakness.

The InstaDRY zone towards the front of both TENA Extra Plus and TENA Maxi pads funnels and absorbs liquid quickly away from the skin and is dry to touch in just seconds. The discreet, smaller size of the Extra Plus pads and the Dry Fast Core™ of the Maxi pads also improve comfort for the wearer.



Contoured - Soft elastics provide a cup shaped design for added leakage security and protection

Dotted absorption area - This area produces even more protection with super absorbent technology

Designed with you in mind - Designed with a front and a back, just like you, so the pad conforms to your body to comfortably stay in place.


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