Help keep germs at bay this winter with Aqium

Just think about all the places you can come into contact with germs.

From public transport to changing your child’s nappy, and with the cold and flu season upon us, good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to help stop the spread of germs. So why make Aqium part of your daily routine?

  • It offers a quick and convenient way to sanitise your hands. 
  • Aqium is non sticky and air dries quickly so you don’t need to wash, rinse or dry your hands. 
  • It contains pro-Vitamin Band glycerin, it leaves your hands refreshed, moisturised and hygienically clean.
  • Kills germs faster.

Both Aqium and Aqium Aloe Antibacterial Hand Sanitisers are available in a 60mL with flip top for personal use, 375mL and 1L pump pack for at home or in the office.





NEW to Aqium is Aqium Hand Sanitiser Ultra; enriched with four emollients it is highly moisturising but still effective at killing 99.99% of germs fast. Available now in 60mls flip top and 375ml pump pack.

Australian owned and made by Ego Pharmaceuticals

So make Aqium part of your daily routine.



 Aqium RangeAqium Range Ultra Aqium Range




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