How to measure for compression stockings

What are compression garments and what do they do?

Compression garments support the veins and lymphatic system to help blood return to the heart and reduce the long-term effects of venous disease.

Your patient may have had a venous leg wound that has healed with compression bandaging. While the bandaging helped their leg wound to heal, it won’t completely fix the problem with their veins. It’s therefore necessary for patients to wear compression garments to manage their venous disease. This also reduces the chances of the wound recurring.

A step-by-step guide for patients: How to measure for compression stockings?

It’s very important to get the correct size to ensure a good fit, feel comfortable and receive optimal benefit.

A common mistake is thinking the tighter the stocking, the better it works. This is not the case. Below is our guide to correctly measuring for compression stockings

N.B. Before measuring for the correct size of compression stocking please seek medical advice to determine the level of compression required (mmHg).

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