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What is a skin tear? 

A skin tear is a traumatic wound which results in separation of the skin layers. Skin tears can affect people of all ages, but they commonly occur on the arms and legs of older people with fragile skin. Skin tears can also lead to ulcers, prolonged hospital stays, infection and distress for the patient, impacting their quality of life.

Skin tears occur frequently in those aged over 65 years as skin becomes drier as sebaceous and sweat gland activity is reduced. Certain medications, including cholesterol-lowering drugs, also reduce natural moisture.

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The Skin Tear Prevention Studies

The Wound Management Innovation Cooperative Research Centre conducted two trials into the benefit of moisturising twice daily for skin tear prevention. 

Both studies used a fragrance free, pH neutral moisturiser on limbs of patients in aged care facilities and hospitalised patients over the age of 65. The moisturiser was applied twice daily and the studies were conducted over a six month period. The data from both trials has showed that twice daily moisturising can reduce skin tears by approximately 50 per cent.

In particular, an average of 346 skin tear incidents in a year in patients over 65 years of age, twice daily moisturisation (using QV Skin Lotion) to each limb in consenting patients over 65 years of age resulted in:


45 per cent fewer patients presenting with skin tears

51 per cent reduction in the number of skin tears

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