“Shopping for a good cause” – what does it mean?

Every year Independence Australia re-invests millions of dollars into supporting people with a disability or other physical need to regain and retain their independence. In addition to running a robust fundraising calendar, these funds are generated through selling healthcare products. As a social enterprise, the income we make is invested back into our social ventures, and these are the vital services we provide to help people with disabilities.

So, when you shop with us you help change lives.

What services do we provide?

We help people with disabilities by providing a wide range of services including:

Just one of the many people we have helped is Asmerat and her three boys. This is their story...

“I would do anything for my boys…they are my life. I am all they have so I have to keep going.”

It’s almost impossible to imagine the grief and trauma that softly spoken Asmerat must have experienced when her husband Weldy, died suddenly.

In the blink of an eye she became a widow, and the sole carer of their three young sons, two of whom have severe disabilities.

Oldest son Hanibal was just two and half, and twins Yosam and Yoel just 18 months, when their dad suffered a massive heart attack and died.

Yosam and Yoel were born prematurely and acquired a number of severe disabilities. Yosam has autism and a hearing impairment, while his twin brother Yoel has cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair for mobility. He also has problems communicating.

Asmerat has been the family’s rock since Weldy’s death, singlehandedly taking on the raising and care of her three boys, including the additional physical and emotional needs of her twins.

She’s exhausted and hasn’t had a holiday away from the boys for 10 years. But as she says, “I get very tired sometimes but I try to be strong because they need me. I live for them, not for myself.”

We’re here to lend a hand

Independence Australia is helping to ease Asmerat’s daily workload as the sole carer of her two boys with disabilities. We help with everyday tasks, like getting them up and ready for school, and we’re also improving access and mobility around their home.

Our next task is to help make the family’s back garden more accessible and safe; so all three boys can enjoy some time outdoors.

Please help others like them

People with major disabilities are often amongst the most disadvantaged in our community, and face major difficulties even with everyday life. Yet the services we provide receive little or no government funding. That’s why we rely on the generosity of people like you to continue helping people with disabilities, and their carers. By shopping with Independence Australia you are already making a difference. However, if you would like to do more you can make a tax-deductable donation today.

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