Help your patients stop the germ spread 

There are thousands of places you come into contact with germs during the day, from public transport to changing a child’s nappy. 

With the cold and flu season uon us, good hand hygiene is one of the best ways to help stop the spread of germs. So why not make Aqium part of your daily routine? 

        1. Aqium offers a quick and convenient way to sanitise your hands. 
        2. Aqium is non-sticky and air dries quickly – no need to wash, rinse or dry your hands.
        3. Aqium contains pro-Vitamin B5 and glycerin, leaving your hands moisturised and hygienically clean.
        4. Aqium Kills 99.99 % of germs fast.* **

Aqium and Aqium Aloe Hand Sanistisers are avaliable in three sizes: 

        1. 60mL flip top for personal use 
        2. 375 mL pump pack for the office 
        3. 1L pump pack for at home 

The newest addition to the Aqium family is Aqium Ultra Hand Sanitiser 

Enriched with four moisturisers, Aqium Ultra is gentle on hands while still killing 99.99% of germs fast* **. Available now in a 60ml flip top and a 375ml pump pack. Aqium is proudly Australian owned and made by Ego Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd 

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* ** Paulson DS, Fendler EJ, Doaln MJ, and Williams RA: A close look at alcohol gel as an antimicrobial sanitizing agent. American Journal of Infection Control 27(4):332-338, 1999.