Superior leakage protection, great day-to-day comfort.

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to the Hartmann product range, MoliCare Premium Soft Super Plus – the highest absorbing product in their range.

An all-in-one, discreet, taped continence pad, it’s designed to manage severe urinary and faecal incontinence and has unique, breathable side panels for exceptional comfort and a healthier skin climate.

MoliCare Premium Soft Super Plus also has superior leakage protection and the wetness indicator let’s you know at a glance if you need to change it. That means less laundry and more time for you!

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Key benefits include:

• Patented curly fibre top layer of the absorbent core, providing a pH-buffer to maintain the skin’s pH value of 5.5 and support its natural protection mechanism
• Breathable non-woven side panels for better skin protection
• Absorption and leakage protection, reducing care efforts
• A more discreet, soft, textile-like backsheet
• Capacity ranging from 1300ml to 2000ml (depending on waist size)
• Comes in waist sizes 60-90cm, 90-120 cm, 120 –150 cm and 150-175cm.

Try a new level of comfort and absorption today. Click here to buy MoliCare Premium Soft Super Plus.