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Shop with us and your purchase will go towards supporting people with a disability or other physical need.

Since 1957 Independence Australia has been helping people with disabilities to live their lives with dignity, and to regain and retain their independence,
something that is sadly beyond the reach of many.

Many people with a disability, and their loved ones who care for them, live below the poverty line and face daily social disadvantage.
They may not be able to find somewhere safe, affordable and accessible to live. Or they may have to go without the regular services because
they simply don’t have the money. Their carers suffer too, often physically and mentally exhausted after years of round-the-clock care with little or no respite.

That’s why Independence Australia is so committed to improving the lives of people with a disability, and those who so selflessly care for them.
While many of our core services are supported by the government, some of our other major programs receive minimal government funding,
yet we continue to deliver them at significant cost, because we see the powerful impact these programs make in so many lives.

Thanks to amazing supporters like you, our unique programs can continue to grow.