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Eye Drop Guide

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A plastic device that assists in the administering of eye drops.

  • The eye drop bottle sits within the plastic casing.
  • The soft flexible cup top section is an open basin which sits over the eye and removes the need for precision placement of the eye drops.
  • Comes with plastic lid to allow use as eye bath.


  • ACCURATE DELIVERY - Ezy Drop Guide ensures that your eye drops are correctly aligned with your eye so that no drops go to waste
  • EYE WASH CUP - Ezy Drop guide doubles as a eye wash cup
  • COMFORTABLE FIT - Eye drop guide comfortably fits over your eye
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Ezy Drop guides have a high quality design that is made to last
  • Never waste another eye drop again.


Caution: Medication Management


Always check with a pharmacist before storing medications in a dispenser or storage container as some medications require special storage conditions and some medications cannot be kept in the same container as others.


Safety and Usage Advice


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.


Method of Use

1. Place the guide with bottle gently over the eye, making sure that the dropper top does not extend more than 2mm through the Guide hole. The tip of the bottle is not to touch the eyeball.

2. With the eye wide open, tilt head back to horizontal position and look up at the hole in the Guide. Squeeze the number of drops prescribed.

3. Use the attached cap on the Ezy Drop Guide to replace screw cap on the eye drop bottle.

To use as an eye wash cup 
Insert the yellow guide plug into the bottom of the Ezy Drop Guide and use like any other eye wash cup.

Manufacturer AMCLA
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